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Oil & Gas Refineries

CETPRO supplies solutions for improving the quality of fumes emitted from diesel engines. We help our customers to comply with the stringent environmental standards in fuel processing.

Moxba-Metrex BV, Netherlands

Catalysts from the (petro) chemical industry, which are deactivated or
cannot be used anymore, are one of our major (processing) activities.

Guar Gum polymer is used principally as a viscous slugging fluid, pumped at connections to ensure all cuttings are removed from the annulus while drilling surface holes with water.

Power Industry

Fire resistant fluids are fully formulated lubricants that have high fire point, flash point, and auto ignition temperatures as well as extraordinarily low vapor pressures making them very difficult to ignite.
Petrogas delivers natural gas conditioning stations to gas distribution companies and other large-scale natural gas users (such as power stations, production plants or refineries) ...
This is a cylindrical cell positioned inside the power generator, internally equipped with a stator, rotor, coils, radial shaped rings and spring bar. As a part of power generator that requires precise machining, it is accurately produced to withstand...
Metal tanks and storage containers for installation Temperatures, diffusers, grills, chimneys, other air conditioning units, ducts, We manufacture and manufacture accessorie / machinery equipment....
The M.P.C. company specialises in heavy-duty precision machining.Our strategic location in the vicinity of the merchant ports of Venice and Trieste and close to motorways makes it easy for large pieces to reach our premises.

Polyurethane Industry

Laader Berg® provides the most cost efficient machinery due to its optimal use of chemicals and low operating cost. All achieved with our multi-purpose Maxfoam™ technology.
The modern factory in Affi (Verona) where we moved few years ago, enables us to manufacture and assemble our machines independently.
Fecken-Kirfel is a manufacturer of cutting machines for processing PU flexible foam, PE foam and rigid foam as well as rubber, neoprene, EPDM, expanded rubber and cork.
Ipf is specialized in handling systems and special machinery for managing polyurethane foam blocks, both manually and automatically.Solutions for the International Polyurethane Foam Industry.

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